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Kreysler & Associates has been leading the way in the use of composite materials in construction since its establishment in 1982. Born out of the high performance boat industry, the company was founded to bring proven marine materials and techniques to the construction industry.

We have helped build blockbuster movie sets, rehabilitated a number of landmark historical buildings throughout the United States, and won numerous awards for the creative use of composite materials. Among our awards are two of the prestigious ACE Best in Show award for excellence in Composite Manufacturing, given annually by the American Composite Manufacturers Association.

Using our knowledge of FRP materials and manufacturing methods, we have been providing our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of architectural, sculptural and industrial applications, for over twenty-five years.


We specialize in high quality composite fabrication. Our services often include Design Assist, Fabrication Design, Shop Drawings, Engineering, and Installation.

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35,000 sq. ft. of covered fabrication area with fully compliant fiberglass, wood, and metal working equipment.

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Digital Fabrication

We have several large format 5-axis CNC machines for making molds as well as a recently-acquired Kuka Robot. Our staff is extremely skilled with digital design and fabrication software.


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